Sep 11, 2011

Palin Camp to Iowa Tea Party Group: You're 'Lying'

Palin Camp to Iowa Tea Party Group: You're 'Lying': "A leader with the Tea Party of America, which is organizing the event, said Palin had told him to reinvite O’Donnell, but Palin’s camp says that is not true, according to the Journal.

Former White House aide Karl Rove had predicted that Palin would announce that she was running for president at Saturday’s event. That sparked a fight between the two, with Palin saying that Rove didn’t know what he was talking about and Rove telling her she needed to grow a thicker skin.

Despite doubt as to whether Palin will appear at the “Restoring America” rally, she will still be in Iowa, the state that holds the first caucuses in the nomination process. She is scheduled to appear at an event in Des Moines on Friday and if she doesn’t go to Indianola is likely to speak somewhere else in the state on Saturday.

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