Sep 18, 2011

Cheryl Cole in Danger? Al-Qaeda Angered She Saw... | Gather

Cheryl Cole in Danger? Al-Qaeda Angered She Saw... | Gather: "Cheryl Cole has the worse luck. First the talented singer came to America as part of X Factor (the United States edition) and was let go. Then she went back to Britain in hopes of salvaging her X Factor job yet Kelly Rowland took her chair. Now, she reportedly has angered Al-Qaeda and could be in physical danger.

The entertainer took time off to see British troops in Afghanistan. Sharing a few moments with those who protect the country, she was able to sign autographs and reportedly gave out her books. However, this patriotic gesture has turned into a nightmare for the entertainer who apparently is now on the targeted list by the radical group. Angering those who feel she is a "sweetheart" for the troops, radical attitudes by some have fans frightfully concerned about her wellbeing after this last trip."

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